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Brow Lift

As we age, our faces begin to wrinkle, crease, and sag. What is more, all facial marks can get deeper overtime. A brow lift or browplasty combats these signs of aging by restoring tautness to the forehead and brow area. If you’re looking to turn back the clock and restore your youthful appearance, a brow lift is one of the best procedures for you.

Results: What and When?

You can see the effects of the surgery almost immediately after your operation. Within a day or two, you can remove your bandages; and, within two weeks, you can have your stitches removed.

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A brow lift provides more than just an aesthetic boost. For those battling signs of aging, the procedure can be a source of confidence and renewed self-esteem. As our mission, we aim to provide our clients with more than just looks. Through cosmetic procedures, we aim to uplift and empower each person who walks through our doors.

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Brow Lift

Can I have multiple procedures while getting a brow lift?

Yes, people who get brow lifts usually opt for a blepharoplasty if they have excess upper eyelid skin. Multiple procedures do not lengthen recovery time. Thus, those with multiple goals can undergo multiple procedures simultaneously, provided it is cleared by the attending surgeon.

At what age can I get a brow lift?

People of every age can get a brow lift. The procedure is safe for majority of people, even younger women with low brows.

Does a brow lift affect vision?

Those with excess eyelid skin may have trouble seeing. In these situations, a brow lift can improve vision by eliminating obstrutions.

Will a brow lift give me a surprised expression?

A common misconception among cosmetic patients is the idea that a brow lift will result in a cartoonish surprised look. If you’re in the hands of a dependable and skilled surgeon, you’ll look better than before.

Can a Botox produce the same effects?

While Botox can paralyze muscles that cause wrinkling, the effects are mild. If you have deep wrinkles, a surgical brow lift is a far more effective way of correcting them. Moreover, Botox only lasts a few months, while a surgical brow lift is generally permanent.

Do I need to consult a doctor before getting a brow lift?

Cosmetic clinics typically require patients over 45 to submit a written medical clearance from a physician prior to the operation. If you have any worries or questions, you can consult any licensed cosmetic surgeon before deciding to commit to the procedure.

What anesthetics are used?

Typically, cosmetic surgeons sedate patients using general anesthetic during a brow lift procedure. This ensures that you stay as comfortable as possible.

How long does a brow lift take?

Roughly two hours.

What are the side effects?

After the surgery, you may experience some tightness and soreness around your forehead. To lessen the pain, doctors usually advice you to take painkillers for a few days following the procedure. You may also experience headaches as a side effect.

Is the procedure risky?

Provided you are in the hands of a capable surgeon and a well-equipped facility, there is a very small chance that you’ll encounter any complications.

Will I have scars?

Most modern procedures keep any scars hidden under your hair. Unless you’re planning to go bald, these scars won’t be visible.

Will I ever need a repeat procedure?

Unless your surgeon made a mistake (which is very rare under normal circumstances), you won’t need another procedure.